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To speak with an experienced primary care physician in Internal Medicine and Geriatrics, contact doctor Joseph Kousa, MD at 440-205-5770. Doctor Joseph Kousa, MD is an Expert Internist, Certified by The American Board of internal medicine. Located in the heart of Mentor, Ohio, doctor Kousa provides services for patients in Lake County, Cuyahoga County and Geauga County

Doctor Joseph Kousa, MD

Doctor Joseph Kousa, MD; and Staff at Lake County Internal Medicine are dedicated to caring for you and your family with compassion, kindness and state of the art healthcare based on the latest medical research and knowledge.

Doctor Joseph Kousa, MD is certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine. Doctor Joseph Kousa provides premium medical care services in the specialty of Primary Care, Geriatrics and Internal Medicine. The office of Doctor Joseph Kousa, MD is located inside the Mentor Medical Campus, where the expertise of Lake Health System Hospitals and physicians and the Ireland cancer Center are provided in a convenient outpatient setting to bring you an exceptional variety of quality medical services in unparalleled fashion.

Practice Limited to Primary Care Internal Medicine and Geriatrics

Doctor Kousa provides medical care in the specialty of Primary care, Internal Medicine and Geriatrics. Our patient ages vary from 16 years of age and up. Primary care, internal medicine and geriatrics are a specialty that involves care for adults and the elderly for a wide range of illnesses from simple and common to rare and complex ones. Internists are trained in depth to treat wide range of problems but yet able to probe in depth to uncover the most dificult diagnoses. A physician in the specialty of Primary care, internal medicine and geriatrics can serve as your primary care physician if you are older than 16 years of age.

LCIM Medical offices

This is a state of the art medical facility. Our offices are up to date and highly equipped with the latest. Our offices are equipped with the best in health information technology. We utilize a robust, powerful, redundant, fault tolerant, secure and dedicated data center. Our electronic health records are rated first in its class years in a row. The EMR applications we use, provide the foundation, and the framework needed to deliver state of the art medical care that meets world standards.

The Mentor Medical Campus

This is a state of the art medical and surgical outpatient facility located in the heart of Mentor, Ohio. The campus is home to a wide range of quality medical services that involve most medical and surgical specialties. The campus is also home for the University Ireland Cancer Center, a state of the art hematology and oncology center.

The Mentor Medical Campus provide High quality medical and surgical services. The radiology department provides PET Scaning, MRI, MRA. CAT scans, Bone density and CAD mammography services using the latest digital and computer aided diagnostics.